HTC Vive Pre-Orders Will Be Available From February 29th

HTC’s CEO Cher Wang has confirmed to the Telegraph that the Vive’s pre-orders will be opening on February 29th, though the price is yet to be confirmed. Last week the technology company announced revisions to the Vive, dubbing it the Vive Pre. This up to date model which comes with a front facing camera, improved screens, and redesigned controllers too.

HTC has had some financial problems recently and will be banking on the Vive to help out the company’s fiscal future. While HTC has confirmed the date for pre-orders but the company hasn’t confirmed the price of the VR headset.

Source: Telegraph



  1. All we know about the pricing so far is that it’s targeting the higher end of the market.
    $899-$999 plus the same again for a compatible PC?
    This might be the type of VR experience we’ll see popping up in gaming arcades.

    • Totally agree – about $1000 and they’ll be in hotels, bowling allys etc.

  2. We know the price of Oculus.
    We know that the Vive Pre will (probably) cost more, find out 29th Feb.
    But what we want to know most of all is the price (& release date) of PSVR…..Come on Sony let us know!!!!

    • PSVR will cost the same as when the PS4 came out. This has been said or probably slightly less but it won’t be as reducilious as the rift

      • “reducilious” – This might be the most insane spelling of the word ridiculous I’ve ever seen. I almost want to be a thing. :-)

        Almost. :P :D

      • I think they said they expected it would cost around the same as a console – they just didn’t say which console…. PS4,XB1 or PS3.. ;)

      • @mike hahaha my brain froze when I was spelling it but auto correct did not correct me so assumed it was correct lol

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