Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space Will Launch From February 2nd On PS4

Cosmic Picnic has announced that it is releasing Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space, or ADIOS, on PS4 next month. The game will be available in North America on February 2nd while Europeans will be able to purchase the title from February 3rd. At its core ADIOS is an exploration title where you can find things in space, and there is also the physics based simulation side when interacting with the universe.

Solar systems will be procedurally generated and there will be no killing, so don’t expect to wield blasters against aliens. You’ll be able to exit the ship at any time, which in turn will allow discoveries of new gadgets, astronauts, and alien life. A price is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release


  1. Sorry No Man’s Sky, looks like these guys got there first.

    • I don’t think No Mans Sky will loose many potential buyers to this.
      It does look good though.

  2. This looks kinda quirky and interesting

  3. Hmmmm, releasing in the first week of February and no price yet… I wonder whether this might be a PS+ game?

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