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Podcast: Episode 207 – The Revenant, Lifeline & Destiny

This week sees the return of one of our favourite guests, Vikki Blake. If you don’t know Vikki from her previous appearances, she’s a regular contributor for sites like IGN and Destructoid, as well as the head honcho over at GGS Gamer. She’s also possibly addicted to Destiny, a game that we discussed at length on the podcast. Vikki also gave us her thoughts on the PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls.

Joining Vikki and me were Kev and Lewis. Lewis has been spending his time staring at virtual bears, or possibly watching The Revenant. They might be the same thing. Kev, on the other hand, has been playing the iOS title Lifeline. It sounds like it offers something genuinely different that’s well suited to phones, so I’m going to make sure I give it a crack myself.

Alongside that we also gave a quick overview of the week’s news and spent a long time answering your questions.

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  1. Desinikki….I mean..Vikki is back. Hurray! xD Kristian? Who the hell is Kristian? What kind of name is that?! ;/ Before I start my regular mostly non-mattering comment I just wanted to say sorry for not being there to say hello lately and also not sending you guys any questions. Really busy at the start of the year, but I promise to be there this week. I know how much you care for my hello :P

    Are you talking about the 14 second video with a few sentences in it? Not impressed at all.

    It’s very strange to have AAA games split into episodes. I really don’t know what to say about as I don’t buy digital content at all, so the problem does not involve me, but in general I get a strange feeling about this. Well I think it’s fine for series like Tell Tale Game make, but Hitman? Also Final Fantasy VII will be released in episodes just because it is suppose to be so big……WAIT ! WHAT ?! HUMAN REVOLUTION ! A BAD GAME ! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ! It’s one of the best games of the last generation in terms of story progress and design, but most bad in boss fight also :P

    Vikki do you know about LFG (Looking For Guardian) that is a part of Planet Destiny. Great place to seek out players and groups for Destiny activities.

    The DICaprio movie sounds great, but I think I will watch it back home and not go to cinema.

    Sparrow Racing was confusing for me. The first time I got on a sparrow in Destiny I wanted to race with it, but the way they did it was very strange and I did not understand the mechanics of it. I think I was doing everything perfect and came always last. ALWAYS! I cannot be that bad, so I imagine there must be some tricks to it that I don’t understand and are nowhere to be found ;/

    I’m excited about Uncharted 4, but as with every previous game in the series I’m going to buy it after a price drop or used.

    Lovely talk about No Man’s Sky. Enjoyed it very much and have nothing to add.

    Lovely episode everyone. Really great. Vikki is a fantastic guest as always.

    Can’t wait for next one.

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