February’s PlayStation Plus Games Include HellDivers And Nom Nom Galaxy

There is no official word from Sony but an advert, spotted by some Reddit users, has started popping up on the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store detailing February’s PS4 games, Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy.



Helldivers was received well on launch, we gave it 8/10, and Nom Nom Galaxy was, er, odd, and the brainchild of those Pixeljunk people.

I rented Helldivers a while back and was rather annoyed to find you have to learn annoying codes to bring in air drops, rather than run about shoot stuff. Maybe you will like it more than I did.

Source: Reddit



  1. Not sure about Helldivers but will give Nom Nom Galaxy a go as the “Pixeljunk people” make great games.

  2. Liked the look of Helldivers, was tempted to buy on release.

    • I did end up buying it at release and it’s a fun but challenging top down shooter.
      Looks like there’s nothing on PS4 for me this month but hopefully there’s something new for me on Vita or PS3.

      • Nova 111

      • I have Nova 111 too!
        Now they’ve all been announced its a quiet month for me add the only thing I don’t have is Lemmings which I’m not too fussed by.
        Still it’s a really good selection of games with a nice bit of variety.

  3. Nice. Not got around to picking up either of these so shall give them a whirl.

  4. What an utterly underwhelming choice of games. Both are mediocre at best with the added bonus of Helldivers becoming worse than mediocre if you are playing solo. Honestly don’t know why they even bother anymore.

  5. PS Plus has been fairly bad the last two or three months! (On the PS4 that is)

  6. Nom Nom Galaxy was discounted recently and i wasn’tNeither of those really appal to me but i guess i will try them for “free”.

    • * i wasn’t tempted.
      Damn, my typing/grammar is terrible recently.

  7. Both of those are worth a go if you’ve not got them already, like I have.

    And the PS3 gets Persona 4 Arena (well received fighting game) and Grid Autosport (which looks like a decent enough racing game).

    The Vita gets Lemmings Touch, currently on sale for £2.49. Looking decidedly average. And Nova-111, which looks a bit odd. (And 3-way cross-buy too)

    A pretty good month then, really.

  8. Seems to be a better month. Decent enough PS4 offerings, and quite good (and recent) PS3 offerings.

    Sold GRID Autosport more than a few months ago as the AI and driving physics did nothing but frustrate me in the end, but I do wonder if we can’t scrape the TGMEM crew together for a one-off meet seeing as it’s free.

  9. I dont think plus is bad value if you play online but when my sub runs out, I dont think I’ll be renewing it for a full 12 months again. I think I’ll just buy a month sub whenever we get a good month. I cant just play any old crap anymore because it’s free. Time is precious.

  10. Hey! The image is captured from Polish PlayStation Plus section at PSN. Pooooland! xD

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