Hard Reset Redux Announced For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Game announcement of the day #4 is for Hard Reset Redux, which much like the earlier Warhammer game, this first surfaced an age back when the PC version was released five years ago. The game is rather old school – think Quake, Duke Nukem – and once again pits humans against those pesky machines. The Redux version has the usual improved graphics, new enemies etc.

Rumours of the game on PS4 surfaced a few weeks back when it was rated on a German ratings board, but if you knew what to look for (hindsight is such a lovely thing) you could have found some off screen gameplay of the game posted back in October.

Source: YouTube


  1. I played a bit of this on PC when it came out and thought it was okay. Just okay. Sort like DNF without jokes, so, like Quake, but with comic strips to make up for the story. It’s what a Dredd FPS would be like.

    With games such as Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Brink, and Battlefield, Black Ops, all out the same year it felt like an also ran. Which probably overshadowed a solid game.

  2. Don’t think I heard of this game before but im loving the resurgence of the old school shooters, they feel like a breath of fresh air after been distilled in COD and COD clones for years.

  3. Just realised what this is. Or who it is making it. And so I can’t approve and they should be working on Shadow Warrior 2 instead, because more Wang has to be a good thing.

    Then I saw the youtube comments and decided it’s a good thing if it’s pissing off a few PC muppets who don’t seem to like a console port of their games. And it’s not like they can’t work on 2 things at a time.

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