Sony Say They Have Fixed The PS Vita Store Problem

It wasn't the firmware

After downloading the most recent firmware patch for the PlayStation Vita a number of gamers found that they could no longer access the store. It was assumed this was due to the firmware, but apparently not as Sony have fixed the problem without issuing a further patch.

 The network issue that users experienced on their PS Vita was not due to system software 3.57 and is now resolved. Thank you for your patience.

That is all Sony told Kotaku, no explanation as to what was wrong. If you were encountering problems, try access the store on your Vita and let us know if it is working!

Source: Kotaku


  1. When they say fixed, I wonder if they mean it’s been returned to its pre-patch state? I ask because it didn’t work well at all before the firmware update either, it would just get stuck loading most things and time out. So have they fixed that too? Guess I’ll get the vita out and have a look, will report findings…

    • It works properly now.

      I had issues before the patch, they’re gone now.

      Curiously the controversial patch didn’t break anything for me…

  2. Shame they haven’t fixed the PS Vita Lack Of Interest problems.

    • ewwwww HARSH!

      • Dude, that avatar! Any way we can change it? Family friendly site here, erect penis not appropriate!

      • I agree with the DUDE, that’s not apporiate bit. It’s a PG site(no, notPG tips even though we all know PG tips bribes TSA to be neutral and not be baised! Don’t deny it, PG shills! ) and that is either an erection or something that is just as rude. It’s also something one does not want to look at when eating breakfast. (Yes, i know it’s 4pm but bite me, i have the right to do so.)

      • Top man.

    • Sadly, that problem seems much more deeply ingrained in Sony’s make-up. I doubt there’s a simple fix available. More likely to require upgrading staff interest to at least “curious” or “even-slightly interested”, rather than the current “let’s leave it to die” levels.

  3. Mind seems to be fixed now. Although I’ve read reports that the battery still drains quick for others but I guess I’m fortunate.

  4. penis erased!

  5. I finally got round trying this, and the Vita store access generally seems more stable and faster indeed. Not that I didn’t get any time-outs, but any improvement is welcome.

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