Dying Light: The Following Video Review

The Following is a pretty ambitious expansion for last year’s popular zombie slash-’em-up, Dying Light. It brings not just a new area to explore, but a new way of getting around, with the very enjoyable dune buggies that you get early on. For our review, I played through this with Bunimomike, and we wrapped things up by having a chat about the game.

Apologies for any screen tearing and the absence of background game audio during the video, but we realised too late that our PC capture had thrown up these issues. There’s no such troubles in our written review though, which also features the all important score at the bottom of the page.


For reference, this is often what Mike and I sound like while playing:



  1. Cheers for the video guys,looks fun :D

    • Just added a short clip that Mike captured from when we were both practically in tears playing this…

      • Lol definitely no kind of Spiderman :D

      • It’s like someone had sprayed the entire cliff-face in Teflon. No, wait!

      • Ha ha ha nice nice :D

  2. Rewatching our fail makes me very, very happy :-)

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