Video: Hands On With Hitman’s First Episode

Hitman might be getting a lot of stick for the manner in which it’s being released, but what’s more important is how it plays and what the current generation of consoles can bring to the table. A beta on PS4 this week and on PC next week means people who pre-order will get to see for themselves and play through the prologue levels, but we went hands on with the entirety of the first episode.

Sadly this video is based off B-roll supplied by Square Enix instead of our own capture, but it gives you a look into the game, and we’ll be back with more video and impressions from the beta. Check out our written preview for more on how the game’s shaping up.



  1. Any word on pre loading for this beta?

    • Not that I’m aware of. It goes live at 10AM, is all I know.

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