Frozen Synapse Sequel Announced

What made Frozen Synapse a bit special in the realm of turn based strategy games, was the way that both sides’ turns played out at the same time. It meant that, instead of having the enemy positions being known quantities, you had to try and put yourself in their shoes and think about what they would do, where they would set up an ambush, and so on.

With a new website, Mode 7 have announce a sequel in Frozen Synapse 2, but there’s no more information beyond a 2016 release, and they’ve returned to the original’s stark blue Tron-like look. The 2014 remake and last year’s American Football inspired spin off both had a lot more visual chrome and a metallic look, but while this takes a step back to the plainer colours and neon-infused style, there’s still an awful lot more detail to the environments and stuff going on than there was in the original.



Source: Frozen Synapse 2