Party Hard, Inversus, And Knights & Bikes Coming To PlayStation 4

The EU PS Blog has just revealed three new games for PlayStation 4 in the space of an hour, the first of which is Party Hard, “the story of a guy who just wanted some sleep.”

It seems a bit of an odd game, something to do with wanting to get some sleep and killing everybody at each of the semi-procedural parties, of which there are ninteen in total. There are also bears, zombies, giant aliens shooting rainbows.

Moving on to something a little more sensible we have Inversus, “a unique mix of an action-packed arcade shooter and a territorial strategy game.”

And finally, Knights & Bikes, which is currently in Kickstarter and looks likely to be funded, has been confirmed for PS4. This will please one of our regular readers (I forgot who it was) who was Tweeted they would only back it if it came to PlayStation, your wish has been granted sir!

As for the game, it’s “a co-op adventure about childhood, inspired by The Goonies & Earthbound, from developers on Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank.” It’s also one of the very few games set in Cornwall.

Source: EU PS Blog 1/2/3