The Walking Dead: Michonne Miniseries Premieres On February 23rd

The Walking Dead was really Telltale Games’ breakout hit, and sparked the reinvention of the point & click adventure as a more narrative driven graphic adventure, as well as helping to popularise the episodic game format. Telltale have announced that the latest story they’re telling within this world, following the iconic character of Michonne from the comics, will start on February 23rd.


In the first episode, In Too Deep, Michonne joins Pete and the crew of the sailing ship The Companion, happening upon a gruesome massacre as they search for supplies along the coast. This is a three part miniseries, but the good news is that, similarly to Minecraft: Story Mode, Telltale are going to be putting out episodes on a monthly basis, with the second episode in March and the finale in April.

The game is coming to the typically broad set of platforms, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC still accompanied by the last generation PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Telltale are holding an extended preview of the first episode on their YouTube channel this weekend, on Sunday 14th Feb at 11:30PM GMT. Sounds like the perfect way to end Valentine’s Day to me, watching them deal with moral quandries in a zombie infested world.

Source: press release



  1. Loved series 1&2, and the Wolf among us is even better. Definitely be getting this but I’ll wait until it’s in the sales because I’m tight ;)

  2. Really looking forward to this but I’m gonna wait until the whole thing is released so I can play them back to back.

    • This. And Telltale have a reputation for putting their content in every sale for around half price.

      • I just remember not enjoying the second series as much because I was playing them as they were released. But when I played them again on the PS4, I finished all the episodes in a few nights and I thought it was much better.

      • I never played them till PS4, thought they were great. I’ve got The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones to play too.

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