Quantum Break PC Won’t Be Coming To Steam

Last week it was confirmed that Quantum Break, previously an Xbox One exclusive, will also launch on PC when it releases on April 5th. Naturally, this sudden change in strategy stirred both camps with PC gamers perhaps being more welcome to the change. Meanwhile, a vocal minority of Xbox One fans expressed their discontent, claiming that Microsoft has diluted Quantum Break by offering it to a wider audience. It’s your typical fanboy nonsense and something we won’t go into any more depth explaining.

Since then, however, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that Quantum Break will only be available through the Windows Store, denying any possibility of it coming to Steam or any other PC distribution platform. For more from that interview, check out the latest episode of the Major Nelson Podcast.



  1. One step forward, one step back.

    The Windows Store is terrible. Like, Games for Windows Live terrible.

    • I guess it has a lot to do with publishers (EA too) wanting to build their own PC ecosystems, even if that places an extra burden on their players.

      • Plus, wouldn’t Steam want to take a cut for providing it on their platform? If so, then that’ll explain it – Why pay when you can put it out on your own?

      • Every distribution platform takes a cut, be it Steam or a bricks-n-mortar Game store. This is just MS trying to control the distribution and use it as an “Exclusive” for their own store, much like EA, with Origin..

      • Just to add to my comment above, MS would make far more money by including it on Steam, than they would lose by giving a cut to them..

      • Exactly what Severn said. Unless you’re really interested in the game, MS have massively limited the number of potential sales by not putting it on Steam.

      • However, they’ve also massively increased their sales by putting it on the Windows store.

        The real question is how much would it have cost to make it playable on PC? And how much will they make from their fairly limited PC release?

      • @ Severn, gazza. In the short term MS make more money going on steam but that would put Valve in an even stronger position, which big publishers are already very wary of. It makes it harder for the gamer but unless Steam changes significantly this will continue.

  2. Thats a shame, the game looks good, but not enough for me to buy through the Windows Store..

  3. It also requires Windows 10 so no rush for me getting it. Shame.

  4. Was anyone expecting anything else? I think most people knew it would be exclusive to the Windows Store given it’s a Windows 10 only game with various MS promotions.

  5. Hm, controversial comment coming, but..

    A game i want to play, on a console i dont own or intend to own, Luckily i have a capable PC, but now they are limiting its target audience to those who will use Windows Store.

    I have no intention of buying games on Windows Store (same as Uplay and Origin, other than humble bundle games).

    Its one for the “Try before i buy” list, but wont actually buy. Shame.

    • Also, why do i now have to learn roman numerals to log in, hard enough just knowing the 4 + ? = 9.

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