The March PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Announced

Sony have revealed the March PlayStation Plus games and they are, uhm. Yeah. Let’s start with the good stuff, assuming you like PS4 remakes of side scrolling flash games that is, the winner of the PlayStation Plus Vote to Play, BroForce.

Also joining PlayStation Plus on PS4 is Galak-Z, a dimensional shooter, so it’s probably for the best that Assault Android Catus didn’t win else there would have been two shooters on the service. Wait, make that three as PlayStation 3 owners get Super Stardust HD, a game released in 2007.


PS3 owners can also pick the good, but again very, very old, The Last Guy, whilst Vita owners can grab the OK-ish Flame Over and the utterly rubbish Reality Fighters.

The reaction to the games has been less than complimentary on the PlayStation Blog, even more so than usual.

To recap, here is the full list.

You have Monday 29th to pick up this month’s offerings.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Contrast to popular opinion, I’m actually happy this month. Galak z looks really fun and was so close to buying that. Reality fighters might be fun on the odd occasion I go to the loo and take my vita (probs not).

    But I am probably one of the very few not to own super stardust HD which I’m looking forward to playing and the last guy which I played the hell out of the trial back in the day so I’m stoked to play it.

    Broforce looks good but then so did mercenary kings…and the less said about that the better. Also flame over sounds interesting. I like roguelike games.

    So Galak z, the last guy and sshd, I’m happy.

  2. Totally uninspiring line-up for my tastes.

  3. As I’ve already said, this is down to Sony having no competition this gen to worry about.

    • I disagree. It’s because last gen they really had to give people games etc to make them spend their £40 a year whereas this gen people are having to spend it anyway for online play so the games don’t need to be good. Unfortunately I can’t see the quality improving too much except for the odd month. There wIll be easily enough players paying for the online who aren’t bothered about the games or not bothered enough to moan, that are happy to pay or their parents are, so they can play COD and FIFA online.

      • I disagree, it’s quite likely both these reasons play a role… ;o)

  4. Good thing my backlog is killing me.

    • Agreed, that’s the positive thing about such Plus games, they don’t add to the backlog..! Let’s be thankful… :o)

  5. Ended my PS plus sub four months ago and I still don’t regret it. Come on sony, at least try to pull people back.

  6. Maybe it’s time Sony introduced a two tier approach to the Playstation Plus membership.

    A higher (currently) priced subscription to those that want to experience the “free” games each month, and a second lower priced option for those that “have” to pay to play online.

    I’ve not downloaded a single “free” game since the Playstation Plus inception.

    • Didn’t they up the price a couple months ago by £3.00 a month?

      • I’m not sure. I renewed my subscription the other night. It’s £39.99 on the Playstation Store, but I shopped around and got it for £33.99. Still, in my mind, too expensive just to play online.

      • I think they just increased the 1 and 3 month options, 12 stayed the same. Simple but smart money making!

  7. Super Stardust was the first trophy enabled game on PS3, so it shows they’re scraping the barrel now. (only because they’ve given so much away). Reality fighters was probably the worst vita game I played.

  8. I dunno, I quite like the look of Galak-Z and Flame Over – just a shame they cancelled the PS Vita version of Galak-Z!

  9. mostly shite, and still no powers.
    i mean, it’s only been a year.

    sony seem determined that there’s no legal way to watch the show outside the us.
    yeah, there are a few countries you can see it, if you have some other service or app on top of your plus sub.
    but that’s like three countries, and the uk isn’t one of them.

    and there is the bluray, which is a region locked medium, so that no use.

    i’ve decided, if i can find a site where i can download/watch the episodes safely, without fear of viruses, i bloody well will.
    i would not even consider it piracy, not in this instance.

    it’s just getting what i was promised for my plus sub.

    and the old licensing excuse they trot out any time any questions about this do get through, two words “bull” and “shit”.

    they haven’t even let Canada have it.

    this is sony us saying, we made this, we’re gonna keep it, if any other country wants it, some other network will have to pay us for it, if they don’t, fuck em.

    anyway, back to the games at hand.

    games with a combined age of about 23 years.
    yeah. o_O

    now if i’d bothered to vote, i’d have gone for Broforce, so that’s cool and all, though i do have Expendabros on PC.

    Galak-z, meh.
    Super Stardust is a bloody good game, but it’s also fucking ancient, very nearly a PS3 launch title, especially in europe with the way they decided to fuck us over at launch.

    then there’s one game where they didn’t have to create any kind of backdrops for their fighter, and one where they just screencapped google maps and put some dots on it.

    and a firefighting game where it sounds like they followed the Souls games when it comes to difficulty.

    so pretty much shit all for me this month.

    if it wasn’t for needing plus to keep playing Elder Scrolls Online, i’d be considering not renewing this month.

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