Podcast: Episode 212 – Nom Nom Galaxy, Edith Finch & No Man’s Sky

We finally managed to get all of the regular crew on this week’s podcast, and as an extra treat we were joined by TSA Co-News Editor, Tuffcub. He was actually lucky enough to spend a little bit of time playing No Man’s Sky, and was more than happy to share his opinions on what he played with us.

Tuffcub was also very interested in hearing my views on Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival, which I got a look at during Sony’s Digital Showcase. I also shared my thoughts on a few other games from that event, including the bizarre Edith Finch, while Kev chipped in with his views on Nom Nom Galaxy, which contains some rather unusual soup recipes.

Of course we also have a round up of the week’s news, which Tuffcub prepared for us especially, and the answers to your questions.

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  1. One thing i’ve noted about everyone getting just 30 mins playtime with No Man’s Sky – that seemed too short a time for any one individual to gather enough information. But since then all the individual experiences have been shared and collectively we’re actually getting a much better picture of what can be done in the game. A bit like how i expect the full experience to be.

  2. The Battlefront news remembered me I have that game. Haven’t played it in month, why didn’t I sell it ? ;/ Game is crap.

    Nintendo is going to sell lots of consoles as always ^^ People are people, as soon as they see Zelda, Mario or Pokemon they get freakin insane and buy everything there is with them. I don’t get it. In terms of BG&E2 I don’t think it is a smash hit material ;/

    Don’t really know what to think of No Man’s Sky after hearing Tuf talking about it. I can understand the 30 min only comment and that it is too short to get into what the game actually is, but on the other hand Kris has a solid point. I really would like it to be a masterpiece, but I’m also afraid on not being able to enjoy it with the limited time I have for games. It seems to big and like something that requires sacrificing a lot of time to get into. Still very tempting :|

    A friend of mine at work said really great stuff about Nom Nom Galaxy and that it resembles a PC game he loved – something about building factories and production lines. Sounds interesting, funny and it has a coop option as well.

    The only thing I’m watching on my TV is One Piece in terms of being watched regularly. Next is football and everything music channels (MTV LIVE and ROCKS).

    Really liked the episode today lads. A lot of it about games, that is what I love the most ^^ Hear you next time.

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