The Game Everything Revealed As A PS4 Exclusive

David O’Reilly has announced a game called Everything exclusively for the PS4, and in this game you can be anything. Everything that you see in the game is something you can be like all the animals, plants, objects. There are no limits whatsoever. It is an exploration titles with various powers that players will be able to control during the journey.


There isn’t really much more information about the game itself but if you experienced Mountain this may be similar, though on a much bigger scale. There is no release date yet as Everything is still in development.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I’m intrigued, although it does seem to be a bit heavy on the rotating-patterns-on-the-screen, which might or might not bear extended viewing. I’ll have to see more but it’s got my attention for now.

  2. Well I’ve watched the video and I’m still non the wiser about what the game is about.

  3. I can foresee the puns in this game’s future already, but I must block them out, or my mind with overload.

  4. That headline made a lot more sense after I read what the title of the game was.

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