Catlateral Damage Purrs On To PS4 On March 22nd

Chris Chung and Fire Hose Games have announced that cat simulator Catlateral Damage will be launching on PS4 on March 22nd, with a 20% discount for PS Plus members. Yes, I did say cat simulator – we’ve had goat and bear simulators, why not cats.

You play as one of twenty felines and your job is to cause as much chaos as possible by running about and doing the thing that cats do best – pushing things over.


“There are two game modes: Objective Mode and Litterbox Mode,” explains Chris. “In Objective Mode, each level you play has a time limit and an objective. Your objective is simply to knock the target number of objects onto the floor within the time limit.”

“In Litterbox Mode, you pick a level type and play for as long as you want,” he adds. “No time limit, no objective, just pure kitty chaos. In both game modes, you can collect upgrades by playing with various cat toys to improve your movement and swatting abilities. There are also random events that will occur periodically, some of which reward you with power ups and some that are just for fun. My favorite events are moon gravity and disco. They make absolutely no sense.”

There are no plans for any downloadable catent. Ba-boom-tish!

Source: PS Blog



  1. Anyone else find that trailer… uncomfortable?

    • Honestly, I was just like WTF at the end of that.

      Between this and the Chuckle brothers Hitman video, it’s just been wacky.

  2. wow TC, that pun was purr. ^_^

    seriously though, is anybody actually looking forward to this?

    it’s a shame the playstation store doesn’t have a similar refund policy to steam, because then people could get the five minutes, being generous, of gameplay this title looks like it offers, and then get their money back.
    were they foolish enough to spend money on it.

    still, at least they didn’t make it one of the plus games.

    so, some other lame little game for April.

    anybody remember when we used to get good games with our plus sub?

    might need some past life regression hypnosis to remember that far back. ^_^

    now i think about it, why doesn’t sony have a refund option on the store anyway?
    there’s the consumer rights act 2015 that states customers can now get refunds for digital content.
    at least in the uk, and i think Europe has similar laws now.

    but then from the company that charged vat for years without paying it i’m not surprised they’re ignoring this law.

  3. Why does this sound like something that is usually shoved onto Greenlight? *shudders*

    Also, is it actually a simulator or just a half arsed piece of crap that shoves simulator on because apparently, Simulator is the rage at the moment.

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