Community Chronicle: 20/03/16

As one sporting championship comes to an end, another begins. Congratulations are in order for England’s Grand Slam winning rugby team, after a tense and nervy tussle with France last night.

Early this morning also saw the first race on F1’s 2016 calendar, which was thankfully a lot more entertaining than yesterday’s qualifying, without resorting to confusing format changes. Things didn’t all go Mercedes’ way, either, which could bode well for the rest of the championship.


Unless you buried your head in the sand, chances are you would have noticed Sony announcing the price and release window for the PlayStation VR headset. It’s coming out in October, with a price of $399/€399/£349. That’s a lot lower than their rivals, but is it low enough?

Rony_mcphatty jumped in to say, “Exciting news, just in time for Christmas! £349 is expensive but way more affordable than the other VR hats, hopefully that includes a game or two. Hopefully someone I know can splash out on one so I can have a go.”

Wonkey-willy was less enthused, once he added up headset price with that of a camera and a PS4. “£687.99, screw that! just shy of £700 for virtual reality? Thegames dont even look that good (yet).”

GoosePies saw a lot of promise in the way the system accomodates non-VR games and media. “Cinema mode is very exciting aswell,” they said. “It’s effectively a massive OLED screen in front of your face for all your PS4 games and DVD’s, Netflix, etc. I can’t wait, now to snap up a few Move controllers on the cheap.”

You can always MrYd to get right down to the most important points:

So, do you really need a beard to use it? All the pictures and videos of people using it that popped up this evening have men with beards. And a lady. But she doesn’t have a beard. They rarely do, as far as I can tell. I’m not an expert though.

I only ask because I shaved mine off last week. Do I need to grow it again?

Later in the week, though, a number of sources started talking to the press about a so-called “PS4.5”, which might release in the future and upgrade certain parts of the PS4 to be able to handle 4K gaming.

Avenger was quite adamant in saying, “No, just no. Nintendo got away with it, but I doubt Sony could. The division in the install base would be quite big, with millions of people inclined to upgrade at one point or another just to play certain ‘new games’.

“If they just did it as a way to support 4K output and nothing else (i.e. PS4 game development would still be budgeted on old PS4 specs) then that would be alright as none of the future games would be off-limits.”

MrKipling89 was thinking along similar lines, as they said, “They should probably create a PS4.5 that’s slimmer, with PSVR externals baked in, 4K gaming support etc, but it would be sad if that console had it’s own exclusives which the millions of current PS4 owners would miss out on, unless they upgraded.”

Gazzagb’s view is more lenient, however. “I think it’s a cool concept,” he said, “and it wouldn’t necessarily split the user base. Similar to how PC games have multiple graphics settings, PS4 games could do the same.”

Finally for this week, Microsoft announced a more lenient approach to Xbox Live, extending an olive branch toward fully cross platform and cross network multiplayer gaming.

Rocket League is set to lead the charge with Xbox One to PC gaming, but Kennykazey was concerned about keeping the playing field level. “Going up against PC players with various benefits and varied systems would require particular types of games for fair play,” he said. “But Xbox to PlayStation? It sounds too good to be true and I have a sneaking suspicion it might just be.”

YOURMUMANDME sees this as setting a different precedent altogether. “The first step in long journey, but I reckon this is the start of the end,” he wrote. “The next generation could easily be the last defined by console release and more focused on PC benchmarks, especially after hearing that Microsoft are considering the sale of upgraded Xbox One components.”

Hmmm. Upgrading Xbox One components? That sounds familiar…


It’s been a week of plugging away at a variety of games, for you lot. Youles has been playing The Division – finding the Dark Zone a little frustrating – but can also see the light at the end of the tunnel for his The Last of Us Crushing+ difficulty playthrough.

JustTaylorNow has carried on with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, while Andrewww was disappointed by a brief dalliance with Star Wars: Battlefront, and Carrot381 got addicted to Hearthstone.

Crazy_Del laid claim to Game of Thrones on PS4, but the real achievement to shout about was by R1MJAW who, after months and months of doing daily challenges, finally got the platinum trophy for Rayman Legends. It’s his 150th platinum, to boot!

There’s no trophy leaderboard updates this week, so we’ll finish things off today with the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. See you in next week!

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  1. “You can always MrYd”???

    Apparently I’m a verb now. Which is nice. I think I’d like it to be an obscure type of dance. One that looks energetic but easily confused with a serious medical condition.

    Or a weird sexual practice. That looks energetic. And can be easily confused with a serious medical condition.

    • or a serious sexual practice,maybe a weird medical condition.

    • Either way I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be Mr Yd’d!

  2. Congrats to everyone on their achievements.
    Cannot wait for Youles to reach 100th Platinum on The Last of Us ^^ perfect number for a perfect game!

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