Sony Forms ForwardWorks Corporation To Focus On Mobile Gaming

Sony has announced the formation of a new company called ForwardWorks, and its focus will be the smart device market which includes phones and tablets. Sony also reiterated the fact that Sony Computer Entertainment will become Sony Interactive Entertainment from April 1st. ForwardWorks will use PlayStation brands and characters to create games for these devices, though for now these titles will only be released in Japan and Asia.  According to the press release Forwards will allow users to enjoy full games casually.

Japan’s smartphone gaming industry is very lucrative and it is unsurprising to see Sony commit to it in such a way. Whether we’ll see the games release in the West any time soon is unknown, but I expect that it’ll happen eventually.

Source: Press Release





  1. and how long ago did sony shut down the PSM program?
    and not letting people download the titles they bought any more.

    and then there was the comic service they shut down before, where they also don’t let anybody download any of the titles they bought.
    and i bought a lot.

    so let them bring it westward, they won’t be getting a penny off me, not investing time or money in something like this from sony when they can just shut the whole thing down on a whim and fuck over everybody who’s spent money on that service.

    and i’d urge anybody who valued my opinion, probably a very small list ^_^, not to get involved with this.

    • *looks at Haz’s stock* Hmm, your opinion seems to be going up and down in value. Work harder! *cracks whip* :P

  2. ^ This still stings me too.

    I’m peeved that Sony have shut down two of the best racing studios they’ve ever had. I’m quickly losing faith in Sony.

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