Turok Remasters Coming To Xbox One

Night Dive Studios have tweeted that the remasters of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, which are currently available on PC, will be making their way to Xbox One at some point in the future.


Bother games feature enhanced graphics and other tweaks, and the developers have not ruled out the games moving to other platforms.

Source: Twitter 1/2



  1. cerebral bore. ^_^

  2. Freaky was talking to my mate about Turok and other fond gaming memories when we were playing Sega, NES and SNES as we are going to set up N64 next xD looking forward for some Goldeneye multiplayer ^^ I think I still have the Original Turok somewhere…..

  3. Honestly, i think i would prefer a complete reboot. The recent re-release of the originals reminded me how much things have moved on since the N64, it would be hard work making them look nice on a modern gaming system so why not rebuild them altogether, like the new/old Ratchet and Clank game.

    • Have to agree with this. I still have the Original and happy to connect my N64 if I wish to play it rather than a polished/fixed up Turok from years ago.
      PS4/Xbox 1 should have games from the past to meet the current gen specs. Granted it cost money and time.

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