And The Winners From The BAFTA Game Awards 2015 Are…

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts gathered together for the 12th British Academy Game Awards, to celebrate and recognise the best that videogames had to offer in 2015. Hosted by Dara Ó Briain, there were a few surprises in store as the envelopes were opened and the winners were read out.

Those winners were:


Best Game – Fallout 4 (Bethesda)

Performer – Merle Dandridge as Kate Collins (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture)

Sport – Rocket League (Psyonix)

Persistent Game – Prison Architect (Introversion Software)

Story – Life Is Strange (Dontnod Entertainment)

Multiplayer – Rocket League (Psyonix)

Mobile & Handheld – Her Story (Sam Barlow)

eSports Audience Award – Smite (Hi-Rez Studios)

Game Design – Bloodborne (FromSoftware)

Original Property – Until Dawn (Supermassive Games)

Ones to Watch Award – Sundown (Mild Beast Games)

Game Innovation – Her Story (Sam Barlow)

Family – Rocket League (Psyonix)

Debut Game – Her Story (Sam Barlow)

Audio Achievement – Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (The Chinese Room)

Artistic Achievement – Ori and the Blind Forest (Moon Studio)

British Game – Batman: Arkham Knight (Rocksteady Games)

Music – Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (Jessica Curry)


We’d like to offer our warmest congratulations to all of the winners, as well as to John Carmack, whose hugely influential career at the forefront of computer and game engineering saw him awarded a Fellowship by the Academy.

Source: press release



  1. So good not to see the witcher there, I just can’t stand the overrated surrounding it.

    • Strange, after playing the Witcher 3 and despite its many faults I now have similar feelings about Fallout 4! I don’t think I’ve been so hyped for a game and more disappointed than I am with FO4 :(

    • The only problem with Witcher 3 (apart from the wonky controls) is there’s too much of it. I like my big long RPGs, but they need to focus on the main story a bit more.

      Witcher 3 just throws so many side quests at you. There are bits where the next bit of the main story is right across the other side of the map and I can’t resist all those little detours along the way. Which then send you further away from where you’re trying to get, and more distractions pop up.

      By the time you get anywhere, you’ve forgotten what you were up to and why, and you’re overpowered. Which is quite a feat in a game where levelling up is so slow.

      Still not sure what to think of it. Maybe a bit overrated. But still very good. Despite some flaws. And I’ll finish it one day.

  2. Fallout 4 is a bit of an odd choice. It’s good, but didn’t do much more than Fallout 3. Plenty of other games I would have put ahead of it.

    By the way we can also announce next years winners: Uncharted 4. Wins everything.

    • seems to be the general feeling accross the inteweb!
      Fallout 4 meh!
      we should have our own TSA poll.That would be interesting.

      • and before Yd notices,,, I missed the “r” in interweb DAMN!!!

      • Funny you should mention that.. stay tuned :)

      • Uh, we did have a poll. There was the community GOTY vote at the end of 2015.

  3. *looks at best sports game award*

    Oh dear.

  4. Good to see EGttR win for it’s music, which is completely deserved. Although AC Syndicate would have been an acceptable option too. Which reminds me. I must get that Jack the Ripper DLC while it’s on sale – more assassining is needed if we don’t get a new game this year (unless the PS4 gets that rumoured port of Rogue or the Ezio trilogy). And the music is by the great Bear McCreary. Which is always good.

    And for some reason, EGttR winning hasn’t annoyed everyone’s favourite internet hate group though, which is odd. They seem more interested in not liking Life is Strange. And being confused as to how Batman is British. They’re not the smartest bunch, are they?

    • I have spoken to the grammar police,and no matter how big my bribe was,they were not willing to accept “assassining” as a word.

      • I’m not a big fan of grammar police. Generally they only pop up when you’ve won an argument and they’re resorting to “Yeah, but you spelled something wrong, so you lose!”

        So let them try and claim assassining isn’t a word! Technically, it _is_ a word, and the best you could claim is “it’s not in a dictionary, at least not yet anyway”. Just because it’s not in a dictionary, or nobody’s ever used it before, doesn’t mean it’s not a word.

      • Bah, such technicalities won’t save you in grammar court when the grammar prosecutor prosecutes you for incorrect grammar after the grammar police have arrested you and put you in temporary holdings in the grammar cell in the the grammar police station.

      • Rightly so. Throw away the key! :D

  5. Glad to see Bloodborne and Until Dawn get some credit, it seems like a pretty solid list overall. Still yet to get a PS4 and play these games mind you, I’ve got a lot to catch up on! :)

  6. Pleased Until Dawn and Rocket League got some recognition.

    I’m not sure about Life Is Strange – it was ok, but not as good as all the hype surrounding it imo.

    Looking at the games that won, I think it’s been a pretty dull year for gaming to be honest, part from the 2 I mentioned first.

  7. Fallout’s a bit of an odd choice, but it’s a good game.

    Also a bit odd not seeing Tomb Raider, Splatoon or The Witcher win anything, as I’d put those down among the very best of last year.

  8. Was this sponsored by Sony by any chance? Some strange choices there.

    • I think it’s just hype occluding talent. Realistically there’s been a lot of talented productions on all platforms, but with some awards they’re being overshadowed by the ‘popular’ titles. Plus there’s a limited number of awards there.

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