Frozenbyte Confirms Stealth Action Title Shadwen Will Release In May For PC And PS4

Frozenbyte has announced that its next game Shadwen will be released on PS4 and PC in May. Shadwen is a stealth action that stars an assassin of the same name, and her mission is to kill the king. This mission gets complicated as an orphan named Lily joins Shadwen, and it is here where players must decide to kill guards right in front of the girl or go for stealthier tactics.


You’ll be able to explore the area quite freely and time will only move forward when Shadwen moves. This allows for a rewind feature to come into play so you can change an approach if it all goes wrong. You can create traps in the environment to take out guards, making deaths look more accidental instead of murder. Shadwen will be $14.55 on PC though a PSN price is to be confirmed.

Source: Frozenbyte


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  1. Wow, could the name sound any more Welsh! Sold. :P

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