[UPDATE] PS4K Confirmed As Real, Codenamed Neo

UPDATE: Digital Foundry have now confirmed the console and specs are real, reporting that “Sony is now openly sharing this specification.” Dev kits are already in the hands of developers.

They also report that the memory will be boosted from 8GB GDDR5 at 176GB/s to 8GB GDDR5 at 218GB/s, giving 24% more bandwidth and 512MB more useable memory.


However, and this seems very odd, they also report the console will not be a 4K blu-ray drive, which means games are still limited to 50gb and you wouldn’t be able to play 4K blu-ray movies. As I said, that seems very odd.

Giantbomb have confirmed new details regarding the PS4K from “multiple sources”, one of which is the codename, Neo. That of course is another link back to The Matrix, with PlayStation VR originally going by the name of Project Morpheus.

The Neo will (allegedly) have the same 8 Jaguar Core CPU as the PlayStation 4 but running at 2.1 GHz rather than the PS4’s 1.6GHz, whilst the GPU gets an upgrade to an improved AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz. When the new version of the PS4 launches all games will be required to run in a ‘base’ mode, which is for all current PlayStation 4s, and a ‘Neo’ mode, which will give better resolution and better frame rates.

Giantbomb say there will be no Neo exclusive games, and “Sony explicitly and repeatedly states that developers cannot offer exclusive gameplay options or special unlockables for NEO players.” They also report there will be no PlayStation VR exclusives for the Neo.

No price has been given but reports suggested the console will retail around $399.

These details are more in line with what I was expecting, there was no way Sony were going to make the PS4K vastly different to the PS4 and these reports support that. The Neo, PS4K, whatever it is called, will simply offer a graphical boost to games and 4K blu-ray, that’s it. No exclusives, no special features, nothing that would fragment the user base, and very little that could cause current PlayStation 4 owners to be upset.

Source: Giantbomb



  1. If this does go ahead next year, I hope they actually don’t change graphics and framerate so as to not compromise the core PS4 owners. Outside of resolution and 4K media, this model shouldn’t be different in any way.

    • Yeah, it’s gonna suck balls if the new model holds a steady framerate while the current base model chugs like a caterpillar.

      • What kind of balls? Meatballs? If so, are they tinned or real beef? Cheesey balls? Dough balls? Or balls of fire?

      • Bouncy balls.

      • Chocolate salty balls ;p

  2. So, better framerate and resolution is a definite, but for now at least they won’t allow PS4.5k exclusives… i’ll bet that situation changes though. Are there prizes for guessing which version of Deep Down will be closest to the initial reveal?

    Anyhow, i’ve just upgraded my 10 year old 32″ 720p tv to a 40″ 1080p. I won’t be ready for 4K for another 8-10 years…. but still that ‘Neo’ mode is buzzing the periphery of my mind now..

  3. If it’s just the PS4’s answer to the Slim but on steroids, fair enough but if it’s a slightly more powerful PS4, i am a bit concerned we could see games using the more powerful version and leaving the original struggling to run it. But it does seem to just be the PS4 steroid edition. However, by asking for two modes, they do risk pissing off some developers unless they can just do a less powerful port from the PC version. But Neo? really?

    Erm… Sony, the last time a console had Neo in the name, it kinda failed. Hard. I mean, anyone remember the Neo..gage? Anyone? I sure as hell don’t and i’m struggling to remember if it’s the Neogage or Neosomething else?

    And of course, i have to insert a Bethesda will still find a way to mess up teh framerate joke here.

    • Neo-Geo? 970,000 units and the most expensive mainstream console ever… Or the N-Gage, 3,000,000 units and a horrible handheld/phone thing that looked like you were talking into a taco (I had one, it was dire).

      Hopefully it’ll perform better than both!

  4. No 4K blu-rays. No VR breaker box built in. What?

    It seems dangerously close to being a another case of the “new” 3DS. Except that added new features other than just power.

    I’ll be tempted to trade in my PS4 and upgrade, but I’m not sure yet if it’ll be worth it. It comes down to developer support, which is where the N3DS fell short.

    Is this Sony trying to stop Nintendo from getting to call the NX the most powerful console?

    • Maybe there will be a third analogue stick?
      The lack of 4K drive is odd, I know it was only rumour but it seemed like a solid move forward. I suppose the internets will need to think of a new name now then?

  5. I’m confused. So will it play 4k blu-rays or not? That’s a major selling point for me if it does.

    • Apparently not. Which seems very, very silly, so I hope the info is wrong.

      • Smarter folks than me are speculating that the dev kits don’t have a UHD drive, but retail units will.

        It makes sense, as devs will still be using standard BD disks for games, as all games need to support the base PS4; the only use of a UHD BD drive is movies, and there’s no point in spending money on adding them to a dev kit.

  6. Will be interesting to see the difference with both PS4 versions using the same game…I guess loading times etc might be a lot faster on Neo too…

  7. Seems fair enough to me. The current PS4 isn’t exactly a hardware powerhouse so why not offer better hardware to those who care about that sort of stuff?
    Providing both versions run all PS4 software, I’m not fussed.

  8. Surely won’t we simply start to see games not working on the Standard PS4. They already struggle to hit 30 fps on most games now so 30 fps will probably just become the new standard for Neo owners and the old loyalists will have to make do with choppy 15-20 Unity style messes.

    • No, majority rules, and the majority have standard PS4s, if the game doesn’t run on them then it will be slated and wont sell. Base PS4 is the standard, Neo is just nice extras.

  9. Seems a bit pointless if it’s not much of an improvement over the current PS4, but then if they do make it a big jump, they’ll annoy the existing fan base that doesn’t upgrade. Tough one for Sony, so I don’t really get why they’ve done it. Developers aren’t likely to exploit it if it requires a lot of work as they’ll have to optimise for both consoles.

    • It is going to be tricky for them to hit the small sweet spot between pointless upgrade and market fragmentation.

      Multiplatform games may fit easily into the new ecosystem: devs already have to create assets which work for consoles and low-end PCs, while also benefiting higher-end setups. The new PS4 iteration may just slot into the mid-high PC bracket.

      Ironically it’s first-party studios that may find it the biggest increase in effort.

      • But for multiplatform Devs, they won’t really care I don’t think as they are just trying to sell as many games as possible – spending time optimising their game probably won’t be cost effective, and it’s not like they can charge more for the PS4K games…

        (EA, don’t get any ideas!)

      • (Or Konami for that matter.)

  10. Huuurrray for…me ???!!! For not buying a PS4 and instead getting a new PC. Now I can stay for 1-2 years comfy on the PS side.

    • But you cant play Ratchet & Clank, so stop being so smug :)

      • Ohhh damn….
        But I plan on playing Overwatch for the entire summer. And after that strategy games all the way to Christmas :). It depends on my boss, how many weeks I will take off this summer :p

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