Sony Send Out Invites To A PlayStation Meeting On 7th September

It was only yesterday morning that sources leaked a potential Sony event on Wednesday 7th September to unveil the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’, and it wasn’t even 24 hours later that Sony started sending out invitations for what’s been dubbed a “PlayStation Meeting”, where they will “share details about the PlayStation business.”

That naming is pretty important, because the last time there was a PlayStation Meeting was back on 20th February 2013, and it brought with it the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 itself, and two years before that it was the PlayStation Vita (then dubbed the NGP) that was the star of its own PlayStation Meeting. With that in mind, you’d have to put money on there being a major new hardware announcement along the lines of the PS4 Neo.


The event starts at 3PM ET, which equates to 8PM UK time, in case you want to mark it on your calendars early.

Source: business insider

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  1. A new vita!!? Whoda thunk it!?

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