Rumour: PS4 Neo To Be Unveiled In New York Next Month

Multiple sources have suggested that the PlayStation 4 Neo, the extra shiny and super powered mid-season revamp of Sony’s most successful console to date, will be revealed during a special event in New York on September 7th.

French website Gameblog were the first to suggest that the new console would be seen next month, saying “Our sources are clear: Sony [is] planning an event next Wednesday, September 7 in New York. An event that we mentioned large enough to house a major announcement: the PS4 Neo.”


Since then, Vice have also jumped in and said multiple sources have confirmed the details, adding”One source, who chose to remain anonymous, described the upcoming event as a “technical showcase” for the console.”

Dev kits have yet to be sent out to developers so there’s a chance the specs have been improved so they are more in line with those of Scorpio.

If the rumours prove to correct that would mean Neo announced September, with PlayStation VR out the following month, keeping PlayStation very firmly in the public eye in the run up to Christmas.

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  1. Excited about this, hoping for a release this year!

  2. There are already some rumours from insiders that the specs have been bumped up but i would say probably not significantly in comparison to Scorpio. Will be interesting to see.

  3. I will be hugely surprised if the rumoured specs changed drastically in a small space of time, if the contracts and what not were signed off months ago. I’ll be interested to see Sony’s offerings.

  4. I’ve read a few posts etc saying it will be revealed in September and release in October/November. But if the Dev kits haven’t been sent to developers it’s looking a bit iffy for release in a couple of months or so.

  5. From what i saw they where supposedly testing two variations the 4.2(i think it was)Tflops version and a 5.5Tflops version with an all new CPU i think it was,also i believe i heard the more powerful version would have an external power brick there first since PS2 slim i believe.

  6. I’m guessing the new will be released October/November to coincide with psvr and the fw update 4.0…. Maybe

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