Bretonnia Playable In Total War: Warhammer

So far Creative Assembly has locked in five playable factions for its upcoming strategy spin-off, Total War: Warhammer. Giving players a taste of the fantasy setting, they’ll be given access to The Empire and Dwarfs as well as Greenskins, Vampire Counts, and the hordes of Chaos.

Something we’ve always loved about the setting is its various races and factions, many of which won’t appear when the game launches in May. That said, Creative Assembly has now confirmed that Bretonnia will be a playable army. Although not available in the Grand Campaign mode, the popular Warhammer faction can be used in both custom and online games.


Although both human, The Empire and Bretonnia are distinctly different in terms of appearance and background lore. Bretonnia is arguably more stereotypical, aligning with common perceptions of medieval Europe, populated by liege lords and ranks upon ranks of armoured knights.

Compared to most Warhammer factions in the game, Bretonnia is one of the most relevant given its status in the long-running tabletop hobby. Games Workshop has recently discontinued its entire Bretonnia range much to the dismay of fans and collectors. At least now they can be immortalised in digital form.

Total War: Warhammer launch on May 24th.