Ark: Survival Of The Fittest Comes To PlayStation 4 On July 19th

People can go a little bit gaga for dinosaurs, and so Ark letting you step into a world filled with the huge creatures is a dream come true for many. While Ark: Survival Evolved has been in development and Early Access on PC and Xbox One for quite some time, letting you join a server and try to survive in this world for as long as possible, Wildcard spotted the opportunity to split off the Survival of the Fittest game mode into a separate release, and have announced that this is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 19th.


Survival of the Fittest is best described as “The Hunger Games with dinosaurs”, dropping up to 72 players into a large arena and having them fend for themselves. You can have tribes of up to six players, but the most important thing is that only one tribe can be left standing at the end of the game.

Compared to the main game, this spin off is a free to play game on PC, but there’s also a competitive eSports-like twist in the form of the Survivor League, which lets players compete to be the very best of the best. The game tracks player stats and the top 10 players in each mode each month can win cash prizes.

But there’s also a little bit of confusion surrounding this. While Ark: Survival Evolved is currently on Xbox One in Early Access, Ark: Survival of the Fittest is only coming to PlayStation 4 for the time being. Studio Wildcard’s Community Manager Jar explained that both games will eventually be made available on both platforms.

We strategically made the decision to initially release the two games on different platforms because we believe it is the most effective and efficient development process for our Studio. We have a ton of people working on both games across platforms – this can lead to a number of issues, people stepping on each others toes and a lot of wires getting mixed up. You guys even know how sometimes we mix up Xbox and PC. Going forward, we’ll be able to effectively develop across all 3 platforms, respond to player feedback and further optimize the game. This is better for all ARK players in the long run!

Source: EU PS Blog, Jat



  1. Im fairly sure dinosaurs didnt breathe fire.. Havent watched the video yet, due to work, but that looks more like a dragon to me.

    • Ok, watched it. There are also dragons…

      • Yeah, they diverged a fair old bit during development.

    • There’s no dragons in the normal game but in the tournament stuff, it gets a bit more colourful. Saying that, they’ve taken artistic license to obviously make the game more fun. For example, you can potentially summon one of these. A Broodmother. However, that takes a lot of effort to obtain the ingredients for the summoning unless you band together with others.

  2. I hear Ark is pretty brutal. When you log out your character is still in the game, but asleep. Somebody I know plays it and they have to make sure that at least one person in the tribe is online at any time just in case their base gets attacked.

    • That no longer sounds like a game really, much more like work or a chore. (Do we say chores in the UK?). If that’s the case then I think I’ll give this a miss.

    • If you’re on a PvP version for the main (proper) game, it’s pretty serious stuff. However, I was on a PvE server so was safe from most things as the base was well fortified and people can’t really screw with your stuff much. Trolling is almost non-existent, thankfully.

      On PvP… prepare to be invaded. :P

  3. Not the mama.gif

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