State Of Play’s Inks Comes To iOS On May 5th

State of Play are probably best known for their award winning Lumino City and the gorgeous, hand-crafted world that provided its scenery. Their next game has taken a rather different route, away from point & click puzzling to… pinball?

Inks is out exclusively on iOS on May 5th, and features a vibrantly take on pinball, with coloured pads that you have to try and hit, each of which then spurts out a jet of ink, which blends and merges with the other inks on the table’s background. In the name of accessibility, this is less of a traditional high score attack and more of a skill-based puzzler.

Source: press release

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  1. Looks really good, a bit Peggly too! Sold.
    Also, Banner Saga 2 full page ads are appearing on my phone when visiting TSA, just so you know peeps.

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