Community Chronicle: 24/04/16

You know, I completely forgot that this was the weekend of the London Marathon, when thousands and thousands of runners descend upon the streets of the capital to go for a light jog in furry animal costumes. I’ve never even come close to running a half marathon, let alone a full one, but how about you?


There’s a lot more credence to the previous rumours of a PlayStation 4 hardware upgrade – whether you call it PS4K, PS4.5 or by its codename, Neo – with both Giant Bomb and Eurogamer seeing developer documentation on what it will entail. It’s a moderate step up, but not an earth shattering leap that will fracture the player base, thank goodness.

Ron_mcphatty said, “I get the feeling this will end up being this generation’s ‘Slim’, and I’m all for hardware revisions to improve longevity, power usage, noise and add a few media features. Performance upgrades are, of course, a worry but I’m sure the devs and publishers dislike the idea of dual development just as much as us customers rage over the prospect of being forced to upgrade, so it’ll probably never be an issue. If the PS4K is a Slim then I’ll definitely be interested. Just need to win the lottery so I can buy a 4K telly and a PSVR now!”

Others are also intrigued, with Avenger writing that “It’ll give developers more to play with, and potentially increase their resource budgets if they so choose. So games get better looking and run at [email protected] in Neo mode, but will they look and run as well in base mode on standard PS4’s. 1-2 years down the line does the current PS4 become as desirable as a budget PC. Hopefully not, but it’ll depend on what developers target for in their development.”

However, Starman hits one particular nail on the head, when asking, “What’s in it for a developer though? They’ll be asked to spend more time on one platforms version of a game for no extra sales and they won’t be able to sell exclusive content either. After all, 99% couldn’t even be bothered adding trophies to games, Sony had to make it mandatory.”

There’s bragging rights, of course, but how many will simply plumb for the lowest common denominator outside of the biggest 3 or 4 publishers?

There was also the odd discovery – this has been going on for months, but had gone unnoticed – that Amazon were starting to lock a number of games behind having an Amazon Prime membership.

Kjkg seemed a little nonplussed by this, as a Prime member himself. He said, “I have Prime and intend on continuing with it. Brilliant service. But still, that really seems like a weird decision and not particularly great either. The big question is will it backfire on them or pay off?”

Avenger was one of those to note that this has become an established practice:

Yeah it’s been going for a while now, as long as last November when they wouldn’t let me buy an XB1 copy of Project Cars. Since then it’s been on and off with several games.

The only discernible pattern is that maybe their stock gets low and they prioritise the copies for Prime members. It’s very, very silly, especially when in most cases the game can be bought for the same price from a competitor and without a silly £20 minimum spend for free delivery.

But this and many other things have put a bad taste in some mouths. Spurs78 said, “They are becoming quite a horrible company now. I used to like them, but now they seem to be into driving every other company out of business and their postage model is very irritating. In fact, half the time I find it arrives at the same date if you don’t pay for special delivery as if you did.”

Where do you stand on Amazon’s latest shenanigans?

Finally, a story that might have been at the top of the page in another week, as Microsoft announced that they are discontinuing the Xbox 360 after a little over 10 years on the market. While manufacture has ended, a lot of sales support and online services will remain for the foreseeable future.

I expected nothing less from you lot – lovely as many of you are – but you didn’t half manage to pick on many of the negatives from Sony’s arch-rival. Andrewww said, “I’ve never really had much appreciation for this piece of hardware, which they’ve put on the market half-baked, causing RRODs for so many early adopters. Even worse, that MS got away with it, I never really understood. At least they support it still, which is good for users.”

Avenger popped up yet again with a counterpoint, noting that Sony’s last generation was just as bad at times. “Half-baked, getting away with it?” he said. “Nope, sorry, I can’t understand any of that. Released just fine, but with a widespread technical flaw that caused RRoD’s. PS3 had a similar issue but occurred less frequently, and the Wii seemed perfectly fine. But on both counts the court ruled that Sony and MS had to extend the guarantee where such a problem occurred, so neither company ‘got away with it’.”

However, even with a promise of support, the writing is on the wall for all digital and connected consoles. Ron_mcphatty said, “The points about support are a bit saccharine sweet, whilst it’s nice to clarify that 360 players won’t be hung out to dry it’s a little bit crap to spin it as a positive thing. Whilst multiplayer services will understandably be cut off eventually, I do hope no more consoles go the way of the PSP and end up unable to download our digital purchases.”


It’s been a quiet week for achievements, but I’m thinking it might have been because The Lone Steven scared everyone away with his long and rambling retelling of finishing Dark Souls and then struggling with some of the changes for Dark Souls II.

R1MJAW’s still sinking dozens of hours into Enter the Gungeon, and has managed to complete two of the character histories within the roguelike, bullet hell, mash up. He’s made plenty of headway with the overarching metagame as a consequence.

DividSmythe’s been back from his holiday a little while now, and nabbed the platinum for Minecraft: Story Mode, but also had a confusing time trying to get to grips with Star Fox Zero.

Finally, not an achievement per se, but an exciting experience for Andrewww, who had his first taste of VR thanks to one of the user made Google VR things and an iPhone. He sounds more than ready to dive face first into PS VR, now.

Once again, there’s no trophy leaderboard updates this week, so we’ll finish things off today with the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. See you in next week!

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  1. I’ve got got this weird phobia about my digital purchases being taken away from me. Last year I spent many months and way too many pounds on eBay snapping up physical versions of PS3, PSP and Vita games I bought digitally. I’d’ve probably spent less by looking for physical bargains on those games when I first got them, ah well. I like the idea of having a good game collection years down the line, not hampered by a shitty substitute download system (PSP) or license withdrawal. Steam have got the right idea, at least I think so, all my old games from the very start are still sat there and often updated to work on the newest Windowses, shame the PSN and Apple stores can’t be the same. Not sure if the XBox store removes old games as time goes by?

    • Windowses that made me chuckle. Although really there probably wouldn’t be another way of describing it.

      Also I’m not sure if Xbox would delete your previous purchases but I know Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is not allowed to be purchased anymore. I can’t confirm if previous purchase history will allow people to re-download it. Though it was a popular Xbox Arcade someone might be able to confirm. It’s definitely not on Ps Store now.

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