HTC Launches The Vive X Start Up Fund

HTC has announced that it is making available $100 million available to start up companies that are looking to work in the virtual reality industry. The fund is known as Vive X and will at first be available to apply for in the cities of San Francisco, Beijing, and Taipei, before rolling out to more places around the globe. The applicants who are successful will gain access to funding, office space, mentorship with industry leaders, and training to develop software using the Vive.

If you are part of a company working in VR looking for funding then you can apply through the site here. The questions including ask about any funding you may have received, any previous projects you may have released, how much experience you have in the VR industry, and what product you are developing.

Source: Press Release


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  1. While I applaud them for this move (especially as its the total opposite of Occulus’ exclusivity deals – jerks.), I still can’t forgive them for screwing up my vive preorder and the fact that I don’t currently have a Vive..


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