There Is Going To Be A Shinobi Movie

Shinobi means ninja

A while back Sega announced plans to transform a load of their old franchises in to movies and televisions shows. Joining the live action Sonic movie will be film based on to chop-socky exploits of everyone’s favourite arcade ninja, Shinobi.

Producer Marc Platt has grabbed the rights to the game and will work with Sega, Hakuhodo DY Group, and  Stories International Inc on the movie.

There have been twelve Shinobi games across countless formats since the first title hit the arcades in 1987. Most follow the story of  Joe Musashi, a young boy who trains to become a ninja and battles against the ninja crime syndicate Zeed. However, the 2003 game, Nightshade, let gamers play as a female ninja.

Source: Deadline


  1. Erm….. ok, kinda a random film to make, Sega. But it could be the start of Sega rebooting some stuff and a film does help to get attention.

    Wait, does this mean we could get a Streets of Rage film!? :D

    • if it has Roo and Dr Zan i’m there opening day.

  2. I’m sorry… Live action Sonic movie?

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