Alien Hunters DLC Comes To XCOM 2 Next Week

The second part of XCOM 2’s Reinforcement Pack, the Alien Hunters expansion will add a few new narrative elements to your quest to liberate Earth from the alien hegemony when it arrives on May 12th, next week.

A new story mission will appear for you to complete, and once you’ve done so, you’ll be given the task of hunting down three new “Ruler” alien units. These will show up at random during your campaign, but have a time limit attached, so that if you don’t manage to take them out they’ll escape and come to torment you again in the future.


These will be pretty powerful foes, so it’s a good thing that there’s three new suits of armour themed around these targets – literally made from their corpses – and four new weapons to unlock in this expansion. The Bolt Caster, a single shot weapon, Hunter’s Axe, a throwable melee weapon, Shadow Keeper pistol, which can preserve stealth, and the Frost Bomb, which will temporarily freeze enemies. You’ll need to protect these as one of a kind weapons that can be lost forever in battle.


Alien Hunters is part of the Reinforcement Pack season pass, but will also be purchasable separately for £7.99/$9.99.

The more frugally minded will have also been glad to see last week’s announcement from Long War Studio that they are to continue creating and publishing mods and new content for XCOM 2, in partnership with 2K Games and Firaxis.

Last week saw the release of the Long War Toolbox, with a number of added options and extensions to the game that include UI support for squads of up to 12 soldiers, which will be handy in some of the bigger battles, I’m sure!

The future will see the following mods on the way:


  • LaserPack, a new weapon tier
  • PerkPack, a set of 70 new soldier abilities and some new and reorganized soldiers classes to use them
  • AlienPack, a herd of new bad guys
  • A fifth mod we’ll provide details on in the future

Source: XCOM, Long War Studios



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  1. That is a fair price, Stranger.

    When i get me hands on a gaming PC, will have no choice but to get X-OH COM ON! 2. The game where you can literally miss a shot at point blank range. Ah, XCOM, when it decides to be a troll, it trolls you hard.

    The DLC, i’m not expecting anything special. More or less just the same as the Enemy Within content.

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