Official Mod Support Announced For Total War: Warhammer

There’s a lot of wish fulfilment when it comes to the modding community. Have you ever wanted to see Star Wars and Star Trek fight it out in space? Best get to work modding Homeworld or some other space strategy game. Warhammer and Warhammer 40K have been some of the best universes to draw upon for these mods over the last few decades, and so it’s funny to see this turned on its head, as Total War: Warhammer is to include official modding support via Steam Workshop.

The game itself is out this month on May 24th, and modding support will be included at launch, with an emphasis on creating more Warhammer themed content. So, to aid fan efforts, Creative Assembly are putting out the Assembly Kit, which will include a database editor and BOB, so you can start creating your own campaigns. A battle editor and other functionality will be along later in the year.


On top of that, they’re aiming to seed the Steam Workshop with mods on day one, by creating things within the dev team, as well as giving early access to the game for well-known modders such as Magnar and Dresden – I’m assuming these names have more significance for bit Total War modding fans.


Finally, something we glossed over when it was announced last week. Sega have backed away from having the Chaos Warriors race as a pre-order exclusive, which was always a very controversial decision on their part. It’s now the case that if you buy the game during its first week of release, up until May 31st, you’ll get this race for free.

Source: press release