Monster Hunter Generations Will Be Out On July 15th

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Generations will be released in Europe on July 15th on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems. Alongside the game’s release will be a special edition New 3DS XL console, which will be red in colour and have artwork of the ‘Fated Four’ monsters. The console will have Generations pre-installed on it.

The Prowler mode has also been detailed and in it players have direct control over one of the Feylne characters. These characters have been designed for players that want to get in to the action without having to learn all of the mechanics a Hunter character deals with. All portions of the Monster Hunter Generations will be open to Prowler players, including both the single player and multiplayer.

Source: Press Release

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  1. How many times can you fight a Rathian? Jesus, it’s been twelve years and the game hardly changed since the original Monster Hunter on the PS2 (or maybe the more improved MH2). Are they still using the same engine? Talk about milking the series…

    It really seems to me like they are not releasing this thing on a HD console just so they don’t have to rework the game to fit a newer engine… Lazy!

    • Capcom have found huge success with the franchise on handheld, plain and simple. Much as I’d love for another HD entry – I’m still playing MH3U on Wii U – it looks like we might have to wait a bit longer.

      In theory I wouldn’t be surprised to see a PS4 entry – but then you never know with Capcom, there could be an NX version next!

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