The First Hitman Elusive Target Is This Weekend

As if one Hitman announcement wasn’t enough for today, Square Enix have also announced that the first Elusive Targets contract for the episodic Hitman game will run over the weekend.

What makes these special is that you only get one life with which to make the hit and have to do so within a one off 48 hour window. Mess it up and get caught or fail to get online to take part in time, and that’s it, you’ll never have another opportunity and the target will get away forever.

Making things even more difficult, intel on the target is minimal and their location won’t be revealed to you via the instinct mode or the mini map. You’ll have to scout out and find the target for yourself and plan accordingly.

Square Enix also note that for they wanted to make sure everyone had plenty of warning this time, but that there might not be as public a notification of an elusive target in future. So make sure you keep an eye on their various social media channels.

Good luck, agents!

Source: press release

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  1. Cool, will have to take a crack at this. Will either be super fun or super infuriating.

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