Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Heads To PS4 And Vita In Summer

Spike Chunsoft has announced that it will be releasing Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics for PS4 and Vita in the summer. The roguelike RPG puts players in a world where they are forced to continue to move forward, this being due to a shining wall that follows the player. Should the wall reach the player’s character it will end the session. While progress does get lost gear doesn’t with that carrying over.


There are over 20 classes to pick from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Due to Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics roguelike nature players will see different things. Spike Chunsoft has incorporated a setting where you can share a world’s passcode with others so they can explore it too. A PvP mode is present in the game too, though specifics have not been expanded upon.

Source: PS Blog

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