Capcom Will Extended Development Times To Ensure Quality

There has been a rather weird situation recently where the bean counters at publishers were dictating release dates and forcing games to hit the shelves before they are finished. Ubisoft had a terrible time with Assassin’s Creed one year and the consumer backlash regarding the shoddy product they released made them rethink their strategy.

Capcom have also seen the light, albeit once again due to consumer reaction and sales figures rather than common sense. Street Fighter V’s low sales of 1.4 million have given the management something to think about and in a financial Q&A they outline their new plan.


For games to be hits at the global level they must be high quality. To this end, as a result of judging it necessary to spend a little more time on the development and operation of titles that are not yet up to that standard, we have revised the development periods for a small number of titles. Rather than absolutely holding to sales periods or development deadlines, in the pursuit of quality that wholly satisfies our users we will carry out development that prioritizes completeness even if it requires some scheduling adjustments.

Good news for us, not so good news for Capcom’s shareholders who will have to wait a little longer to get a return, but some return on their investment is better than none which is what they will get if Capcom releases below par games.

Source: Capcom via Videogamer

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  1. Agreed. We have to get out of this petulant cycle of impatient customers ranting about deadlines being missed. Equally, it also means that devs need to be far more realistic about expectations and simply ignore us lot.

    When it’s ready, it’s ready!

  2. Take note, EA, Activision, Square, Konami and what’s left of their gaming division and Ubisoft. Quality always sell. Rushed out crap does not. Half baked games may sell a lot at launch but it damages the franchise’s image and well, the first two weeks usually see the userbase going “Aw man, this sucks.” then go to another game.

  3. finishing games before sticking them on disc to patch the finished version in later?

    seems to be a novel concept these days.

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