The Division 1.2 Update Adds A New Incursion, High-Value Targets & More On May 24th

The second of two free content updates for The Division, update 1.2 – dubbed ‘Conflict’ – looks like it’s got a lot of new twists on a now familiar game when it’s released on May 24th. The biggest addition is with the Clear Sky incursion, which pits you against the Rikers to take back an anti-air missile site back and secure the skies over Manhattan.


Alongside this are a few new features, such as high-value targets. These targets will be given to you by the HVT officer in your base of operations, give you details on its difficulty, and then send you on your way with just a single chance to take the target down. There are to be both daily and weekly HVTs to take down.

In the Dark Zone, getting your gear out is going to be made just that little bit riskier, as agents will now be able to hijack a loot extraction by cutting the rope. That causes all of the loot to drop to the ground, and means that you need to protect your swag right until the moment it’s lifted off into the sky, and can no longer make a mad dash for the rope and know that your gear’s got away safely. Named targets now drop keys to sealed caches with mystery

This is all accompanied by four new sets of green armour and four new High-End weapons to track down. Those gear sets are:

  • Final Measure is a new defensive set.
  • Hunter’s Faith is a new long range set.
  • Predator’s Mark new support set.
  • Lone Star is a DPS (damage per second) gear set.

Source: Ubisoft 1, 2

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  1. Missed this news somehow, but it sounds promising, and can add quite a a bit to the game. Am looking forward to this.

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