Watch Four Clips From The Warcraft Movie

Universal have released four short clips from the Warcraft movie which is out on May 30th here in the UK, with the U.S.A. having to wait until June 10th. I shall be wandering down a red carpet for the première a little later this month and I expect Tef will make me write things about the movie, so watch out for that.

Source: YouTube 1/2/3/4

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  1. I’ve seen just about as much of this game as I can take popping up all over the place these past few days.

    • Same here. Sadly for the site I usually quit and visit a other site instead. These full screen ads with tiny crosses to close them (which rarely work) are really offputting.

      • Tis 10 times worse on mobile. Unless you have a massive brick that Apple produced or Android produced, pressing the X is a challenge.

      • We reported the ad yesterday, should be gone soon. Sorry chaps, we hate them as much as you do.

      • It’s why i use adblock for everything. :( If i didn’t, my data would be eaten up by those fecking ads. Tis rather annoying on the phone when i just want to check something to pass the time.

  2. Or i could just watch the trailer when trying to use the site on mobile. I mean, who doesn’t want to watch the trailer as the fecking ad overtakes the damn site thus using up data and autoplays the fecking piece of annoyance that is the ad? Feck those ads! FECK THEM HARD!

    As for the film, er… i predict it’ll be average and seems rather generic. Not a good sign when none of the main characters have anything noteworthy. I mean, we have an orc, a blue knight, er… fanservice and erm….. dark arts? And it’s about erm…..

    A human amongst…

    Oh fleck no. Not one of THOSE stories. Where the human saves the day because he is erm….. chosen for some fecking reason! I HATE THAT CLICHE IN FANTASY FILMS! If i watch fantasy, i don’t want humans to be just the hero. I want the other races to be heroes.

  3. who throws a horse?

    can’t wait for this one.

    Coming Soon have a cool article showing split shots of the actors and the orcs they’re playing side by side, you can tell they’ve put a little of the actors in the look of the orcs.

    and there’s at least one Draenei in the movie, i was wondering if they’d feature the Draenei , and what they looked like, since part of the movie seems to take place on Draenor.

    and i just realised that Draenei mother could be very important.
    i won’t say why, if you don’t know certain parts of the history, i might be spoiling things.

    i’ve read a few of the books based on the Warcraft games, my favourite being the War of The Ancients trilogy, which is set at the time of the sundering, about ten thousand years before the movie, but there is some time travel involved, so if the movie does well and they make more, it’s a period they could visit, as it was a pretty major event in the history of Azeroth, geologically speaking it was huge.
    and i think one of the few, possibly only, times the people of Azeroth encountered the mad titan Sargeras in person.
    the titans being the god like beings who created Azeroth.

    uhm, anyway, being a huge nerd, and a fan of the WOW universe it’s not a surprise i’ve been waiting for this for what feels like forever.

    i was disappointed when Raimi dropped out, and that it meant the movie would be delayed years, but with Duncan Jones at the helm and from what i’ve seen, i’d say it was all for the best in the long run.

    Raimi was apparently going to make the humans the good guys and the orcs the bad guys.

    now when i did play, i played Alliance, but you can’t just have the humans as the heroes and the orcs as the villains.
    there’s no good or evil side in WOW, there’s just these groups doing what’s best for their people.

    well, i think i better stop here before this turns into an essay.

    though maybe that’s closing the stable door after the gryphon’s bolted at this point.

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