Yo-Kai Watch 2 Comes To The US In September

A huge hit in Japan and a growing success in the West, Yo-Kai Watch’s sequel is making its way to North America on 30th September of this year. It will arrive with both the game and the second season of the anime to run alongside it.

Superficially, at least, Yo-Kai Watch is the new Pokémon. The games are rather different once you look past the surface, but they’re both built around a combined anime and videogame series and they both feature tons and tons of monsters, and that makes the comparison easy to make. That comparison gets even easier, with Yo-Kai Watch 2 coming in two different versions, dubbed Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls.


The game adds another 100 Yo-kai to uncover as you explore outside of Springdale for the first time, as well as an improved watch to use in the game and the ability to travel back in time.

If there’s one fly in the ointment, it’s that those in Europe will likely have to wait a while longer. The first game arrived in the US at the end of last year, but it only came to Europe at the end of last month. Pushing out a sequel before people have had their fill of the original and the anime’s had a chance to run its course in the EU just wouldn’t make much sense.

And let’s not mention how Japan are already onto the third game…

Source: Business Wire, via Engadget

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