Nintendo Outlines 3DS Strategy For 2017

In the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo showed they haven’t quite forgotten about the Nintendo 3DS, despite the existence of the Nintendo Switch.

We start with an update on Hey! PIKMIN, which sees Captain Olimar crash land on a planet and ally himself with the local Pikmin in order to find pieces of his ship.

It’s basically the same premise as normal Pikmin, but in the guise of a 2D Platformer. It’ll launch on July 28th 2017, together with a new Pikmin Amiibo. More information regarding Amiibo functionality is coming at a later date.

Next was a message from Koichi Ishii, the Producer and Director of Ever Oasis. He told us that the game is about garnering partnerships with spirits and overcoming challenges to bond with the spirits, with the big themes seeming to be centred around kindness. The game will be released on June 23rd.

Are you a Monster Hunter looking for something different, yet familiar? Monster Hunter Stories seems to be incorporating monster raising in a similar vain to Pokémon, as the player will be raising monsters from eggs to partake in turn-based battles. You’ll have to wait until Autumn 2017 for this one if you’re interested.

NIS America is bringing Culdcept Revolt to Europe for the first time despite it being a 20 year old franchise. It’s essentially a card game crossed with a board game and fantasy elements, with a release date of September 1st 2017 with standard and limited editions on offer.

They’re also bringing over RPG Maker Fes, which brings the game making kit to the handheld. DLC will apparently include NIS properties such as Disgaea for use in creating your own RPG. There will also be a free RPG Maker Player for players, regardless of whether or not the own the main game. Both standard and limited editions of the main software launch on June 23rd 2017.

From the people that brought you Tomodachi Life comes Miitopia, which allows for Mii characters to become Knights, Mages, Elves, and Cats? Certainly looks bizarre enough, releasing sometime in 2017.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will have tons of DLC at launch, which can either be bought separately or as a Season Pass bundle. DLC will potentially include more character development for allies in the main game. It’s a bit weird that a remake of an obscure entry in the series is getting new content, but it’s there for the fans.

If you didn’t know, Kirby is 25 this year. That means that more fleshed out versions of the mini-games found in Kirby: Planet Robobot are being made available. Team Kirby Clash Deluxe – the one that’s like playing a boss rush with set abilities take on quests. It’s out now if you’d like to play as a “free-to-start” title.

Later in the year, Kirby’s Blowout Blast – the 3D Kirby, will be launched in the Summer. This one seems significantly more fleshed out than the 3 level tech-demo found in Planet Robobot, 25 to be exact.

There is also going to be a brand new multiplayer focused Kirby game releasing in the Winter 2017.

Next one is honestly a surprise as I thought this localisation was cancelled. Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused? will finally be releasing on July 28th 2017. It’s basically more Brain Training but with distractions from the looks of things.

Finally, there’s some more Amiibo with the previously mentioned Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta Amiibo with two variants of each being launched on July 21st 2017. There’s also three Legend of Zelda Amiibo based on Link from past entries of the franchise being released on June 23rd. If they’re anything like the previous Amiibo, they’ll skyrocket in price soon after launch.

Whew, that’s a lot and there’s a ton of announcements for the Nintendo Switch too! What will be gracing your 3DS? Sound off below.


  1. Bayonetta Amiibo? :O

  2. I must buy all the Zelda Amiibo’s before they cost half the price of a Nintendo Switch. I’m not missing out this time.

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