The Assassin’s Creed Movie Will Mainly Be Set In The Present Day

The Assassin’s Creed movie is due to release later this year, and adds a new story to the canon. Michael Fassbender takes on the roles of Callum Lynch, a modern day criminal who is put in the Animus by Abstergo, and that of the assassin Aguilar. Aguilar’s story takes part in 15th century Spain, but that setting won’t be the main focus of the film.

Speaking to IGN the film’s executive producer, Pat Crowley, said that the movie will be split 65% to 35% in favour of the modern day.


“There are certain things that we absolutely want to respect in the game, but we also want to bring new elements to the game. This isn’t a video game that we’re making. We’re trying to make a cinematic experience, so there are new things that we have to introduce.”

How this will be received really does depend on how the split is dealt with, and whether it makes sense in terms of the movie.

Source: IGN

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    Most of the fanbase hates the modern day parts of the game. Most regard it as the weakest/worse element of the franchise/boring/”Ohmygod,letmebacktotheinterestingbitthisisoboringimgonnatokillmyselfifihavetoplayanotherminuteofthissection”.

    It is just going to be average at best and the worst parts of the goddamn franchise on the big screen. “Cinematic experience.” Bullsoddingcrap. It is most likely a budget and convience reason. Just modern day it, it’s cheaper.

    Just no. I would have loved the 15th century setting and the focus on the assasain. It’s only….

    PART OF THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE’S FOCUS! But nope, let’s put modern day mcdayface as the focus. “Oh, you wanted that? Pfft, here is generic action.”


    • I think it makes sense. Just because the modern bits are boring in the game doesn’t mean it will be boring in the film. It’s a different medium. It would be boring if it was just mindless 15th century action with no plot. Also, you haven’t seen the film yet, so why judge it so harshly?

      • I view AC as the past bits with the modern stuff being boring filler and no doubt, the film will be the same.

      • But that’s because it’s a game. The past bits are the bits that are fun to play. There isn’t much gameplay in the present day bits (I’ve only played the first game, so that maybe change in the sequels).
        In a film there is nothing to actively do. You just watch the story. If the plot is good and the dialogue is engaging then that will make it interesting.

        It may end up being crap, but it will be for bad plot, bad script, bad acting,acting. Probably not becau they had more screen time in the present than in the past.

      • I disagree. The characters of the past and their story were the best parts of the franchise. There is no reason why they couldn’t treat the modern stuff as filler in the film and focus on the meat of the games. Instead of setting it in the present day. There would be plenty to do. Look at Ezio. He got his own film. It was said to be excellent. Instead of modern day mcdayface and a generic escape the lab plot or evil company is evil.

  2. I’m guessing the budget also influenced that split.

    • Indeed, much cheaper to make 65% of a film take place in a single room with a futuristic sex swing than expensive 15th century rendered scenery.

  3. We always complain about bad video game movies but maybe that’s because they try an stick too closely to the source material.

    Fingers crossed letting the writer & director tell their own story in new branch of the AC universe will be the kick up the arse movie adaptations need.

    The MCU have made changes to the how their stories are told so far as injecting real world aesthetics into the mix, let’s allow VG adaptations to walk their own path too.?

  4. If only they hadn’t wasted money on fancy mechanical arm animus effects.

  5. This makes a lot of sense. Yeh the modern day bits are boring in the game but that’s where the story is driven forward. Jumping about centuries ago killing Templars is pretty damn pointless if you don’t tell the story of the modern day Templar.

    Pretty sure I won’t enjoy this but I can guarantee the story will probably be much more interesting now than it would have been with the opposite split.

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