No Man’s Sky Reportedly Delayed

It’s one of the year’s most hotly anticipated video game releases. However, if sources are correct, PlayStation 4 exclusive No Man’s Sky has been delayed to July or even August.

According to Kotaku, two reliable sources approached the publication with news of the delay. One of these included a Gamestop employee with access to in-store marketing materials for the game. Instead of displaying the original June 21st launch date, stores have allegedly been instructed to cover this so that promotions read “coming soon” instead.


Neither Sony or Hello Games have yet to issue a statement on the reported delay.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Well that’s annoying, hopefully there’s some solid news soon. If it really is delayed then I’ll be treating myself to Uncharted for my birthday instead, I suppose I’ll be happy either way!

    • Yes but I would rather wait until it’s finished than have a game that’s not 100% ready.

      • I agree, but in this case I have a feeling that the delay may be a VR related thing rather than for spit and polish. I can’t afford VR so the delay makes me grumpy :)

  2. I am most displeased with their apparent lack of progress.

    Nooooooooo! …Mans Sky

  3. :(

  4. I can’t help but wonder what’s causing the delay but i guess we all want the best version.

  5. This is terrible news!! Ughhh!!

  6. Dang it, I skipped Uncharted as my budget only allow for one of these games! Time to buy Uncharted I guess.

  7. I expect they will say something at E3

  8. Please delay it…if it is not properly finished…

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