WRC 6 Announced For Release This Autumn

This year’s official FIA World Rally Championship game might be brought to you by the number six, but it’s actually only the second game to be developed by the team at Kylotonn Racing Games. I rather enjoyed WRC 5, but it was clearly a first effort and one that WRC 6 will look to build upon when it’s released this autumn.

Among the things that they’re addressing, off the back of some of the feedback they received. Some of the stages were too short, so they’ll be longer and more challenging, with narrower and more bumpy surfaces to race along. Some of that will be possible thanks to the game only coming to current generation consoles, and having dropped support for the PS3 and 360.



There’s a few screenshots to go alongside the announcement, but expect more info in the next few weeks. Did you know that E3 is happening really soon?

Source: press release

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  1. I enjoyed number 5 too but there’s quite a few must have games going to be released this autumn there’ll not be enough time to play them all.

    I suppose some might be delayed… cough…cough…GT Sport!

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