NBA 2K16 And Gone Home Are The June PlayStation Plus Games

Well this is a surprise, for the second month in a row PlayStation Plus has been graced with a full price PlayStation 4 game. Last month’s Tropico 5 is to be replaced by NBA 2K16, and joining it will be the award-winning indie title, Gone Home.

PlayStation 3 gamers will get the ingenious puzzler Echochrome, plus all twelve episodes of Siren: Blood Curse. Vita gamers get stuck with another PSP game, although it is a good one in the shape of God of War: Chains of Olympus, plus touch screen puzzling with Little Deviants.


Here’s your full line-up of games for June:

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Hurrah! I think we have finally moved away from the extended period of pixel-tat games and on to genuine retail games. Tropico last month and NBA this month might not be for everyone but they at least well polished retail games. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

  2. Not to seem ungrateful I don’t like basketball. So I won’t be bothering with that. I own Little Deviants, so I’m alright for that. I don’t download PSP games to my Vita so I’m alright with that. I’m quite happy for the rest although I’ve only heard of Echocrome out of them.

    • I’m not fussed about NBA either. I wouldn’t know the first thing about the sport or how to play the game. Gone Home looks like a decent enough game to balance things out though.

      • I’m just glad it’s not really adding much to my backlog really too. I’ll have a look at Gone Home and Echocrome.

  3. Odd for them to give away a sports game – usually people love them or hate them and you would expect most fans to already have bought it.

  4. So glad to see Gone Home is popping up on Plus.
    I was very close to buying it a couple of months ago when I finished Firewatch and this was suggested… So glad I held off. :D

  5. nba 2k16?
    another game with macrotransactions.

    seriously, they’ve got an 80 “virtual currency” bundle.

    not gonna even bother adding it to my download list.

  6. Is gone home that rapture game?

    I have always been interested in basketball just not enough to shell my money out so this is good. I hope NHL is up there next, I wonder why Sony never give away their baseball game for free

    • Sadly not, you’re thinking of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. If that was part of the Plus games I’d be very happy indeed.

  7. I assume this won’t be the free game in the States so giving it away in a region where I expect sales aren’t enormous is probably a good loss leader for the franchise and may drum up some future business.

  8. I’m not a big basketball fan but enjoyed nba2k14 on PS3 when it came with plus. Happy to see a non-Indy made it to plus

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