Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In The Division Movie

Sources have told reputable media site Variety that Jake Gyllenhaal has been signed up to star in a movie based on Ubisoft’s The Division. Much like the Assassin’s Creed movie in which Michael Fassbender both stars and produces, Gyllenhaal will also be on-board as a producer for the film.

It is said that Ubisoft hope to sign up another actor before touting the complete package to movie studios. If sold this will be the third movie from Ubisoft’s re-energised movie arm, with Tom Hardy’s Splinter Cell flick lining up after Assassin’s Creed.


This won’t be the first time Gyllenhaal has played a Ubisoft character, he starred in the big budget Prince of Persia movie which flopped quite badly, despite having Sir Ben Kingsley hamming it up like he was in a panto.

Source: Variety

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  1. I think the storyline is there to make a decent movie out of The Division. Just totally depends how it goes I guess but this could work.

  2. So many films based on games coming out so little potential, are the studios banking on the low expectations to throw up some sort of ‘surprisingly okay’ factor? To be honest I have enjoyed a lot of films based on games, even Super Mario Bros, but Im still massively dubious whenever they’re announced.

  3. The Division could be a good film but that’s mainly because the Division had well, little to no content and is regarded as a disappointment. Granted, it’s been a good few months since i last heard someone talk about it still, kinda a good and bad idea to do. Good as it gives them little to nothing to feck up. Bad in that well, it’s the Division. Kinda not really the best game to do a film on.

    Oh yeah, just remembered there is a Fruit Ninja and Tetris film in the making.

    Is this the new thing to be milked by hollywood? Are remakes not enough to trash stuff?

    And yet, we will never get a Force Unleashed film.The plot’s there! Or a decent Resident Evil live action film as long as Paul Anderson is in charge.

    • Have you played the division?

    • There is plenty of content imo, I got 30 hours or more and I played it almost solely single-player. I didn’t get many collectibles or do PvP either.

      And yes videogames have a shot at being the next trend for movies once we are fed up with the current comic book universes.

  4. well, it’s an interesting scenario the game sets up, a terrorist biological attack and an elite group of people trained to deal with the aftermath of such events.
    sounds like a movie i’d like to see.

    it’s not as high concept, if i’m using that term correctly, as many other game to movie adaptations.
    it’s a real world, very plausible scenario, and it seems like something that could have come from Tom Clancy himself, though i don’t know if he had any direct involvement in the project before his death
    and Clancy’s work has been successfully made into a movie many times.
    CLancy’s name is sure to get the interest of some non gamers.

    and Gyllenhaal’s a pretty good actor, in the right role, so i could see this being good.

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