Sony Introduces #PLUSMOMENTS For UK PS Plus Subscribers

Sony has announced a new competition for UK PS Plus subscribers in the form of #PlusMoments, where every month three games will be featured with different challenges to complete. A little similar to our old Plus Points Challenges, but on a bigger scale. The way to enter is to upload clips via the Share button to YouTube, while also using the PlusMoments hashtag so they can be picked up. Winners will then be picked for each challenge, and awarded prizes.

This month’s challenges are focused on Black Ops III, Uncharted 4, and FIFA 16.

Game Challenge 1 hashtag Challenge 1 detail Challenge 2 hashtag Challenge 2 detail Challenge 3 hashtag Challenge 3 detail
Uncharted 4 Down Best takedown in online multiplayer Kill Best kill in online multiplayer Rope Best kill while swinging on a rope in online multiplayer
CoD BLOPS III Head Best headshot in online multiplayer Special Best special ability kill in online multiplayer Throw Best throwing weapon kill in online multiplayer
FIFA 16 Volley Best volleyed goal in online multiplayer Save Best goal saving moment in online multiplayer Range Best long range goal in online multiplayer

All entrants will have a chance to win a DualShock 4 and 3 months worth of Plus. Those who enter the Black Ops III challenge could win the Juggernog mini fridge, while Uncharted 4 entrants could receive an art print inspired by the game. The official site for #PlusMoments is here.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Meh. Not good enough to ever won something like that.

  2. That’ll be me not entering this month as I don’t have any of those games.
    Apart from that it’s a great way to get folk sharing their gameplay.

  3. Good idea. I’d have thought using the current plus games would’ve made more sense though. Maybe they didn’t want to copy TSA completely though.

  4. #No

  5. This wouldn’t appeal to me but i did enjoy the TSA Plus Points Challenges, hopefully the annual E3 bingo is happening this year too! :)

  6. So for a whole community of players getting #PlusMoments as a trending hashtag they are giving out a DS3 controller, a micro-fridge and a print from a game. Forgive me if I think they haven’t really opened up the expenses kitty for this one.

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