Final Fantasy XII Is Coming To PlayStation 4

Curse Square Enix and their ridiculous sequels, I had just written a load of waffle about Final Fantasy VII remake before I twigged this is actually Final Fantasy XII which has suddenly popped up for PlayStation 4. I was wondering why  it looked a bit different!


The text is in Japanese so I’ve had to go to Google Translate, but it’s not much help.

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE ” 2017 will be released !It added the ” FINAL FANTASY ” series rebuilding & system the game design the 12th work eyes to the base of the ” FINAL FANTASY XII INTERNATIONAL ZODIAC JOB SYSTEM ” , finally HD of !

This work , ” FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE “, the introduction of the improvements and the current generation of technology of additional systems , there is no comparable as game software for PlayStation®4, is in the works as the ultimate fantasy RPG immersive .

There’s no mention of an Xbox One version, but as Microsoft only sold 61 consoles in the entire of Japan last week you can understand why.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Why 2017? The original was released in 2006. Why not release it a nice round 10 years after the original? Although I guess it was 2007 here, and the “international zodiac job system” version was 2007 in Japan. So it might make sense.

    But it’s good news. The last great FF game before 13 and it’s sequels slowly turned into “Press X to firaga” for 40 hours. Although needing a license to wear a hat was weird. And the “international” (meaning “Japan”, apparently) version has 12 license boards?? And a NG+ mode that keeps you at level 1 forever?

    Certainly more interested in this than I am in 15.

    • I agree. FF15 looks like it will play a lot like Kingdom Hearts for better or worse. FF12 though was the last true great FF game and aside for the PSP spin offs as well as 14, it has been going downhill.

      Can’t wait!!!!

  2. Finally! The final fantasy with arguably the best gameplay system in place, best environments, best summons, best loot, best graphics (for a FF release at its time) and best voice acting. Shame that the story goes a bit dreary after the first third of the game.

    Still, let’s kick yiazmat’s ass :)

    • What are the odds of it coming with a trophy for beating Yiazmat? Has to be the longest battle in any FF game. A good couple of hours if you’re quick? (Although apparently it can be done in just under an hour?)

      50 million HP!

      • It’s coming with quicker game speed so it could well be less than an hour. I just got the plat in FF7 recently and clocked in 31 hours thanks to triple game speed. Otherwise would have been like 80 hours or so :’)

  3. Star Fantasy: The Final Wars is coming to PS4? Guess i’ll add it to the “Er… i suppose it’s worth checking out” list of games to grab when i get me hands on a PS4.

    But Square, slow down! You’ve got FFVII to cock up, you’ve got FFXV to cock up and now this to cock up.

    What? It’s a monday, i’m grumpy due to unemployement. I get to be negative for no reason.

  4. Ah good I never played 12 it was the only one I haven’t played.

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