Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Video Review

DICE’s strikingly minimalist first person free runner has returned, taking the game into a new open world format and telling a new story of Faith Connors’ rise to notoriety. But how does it hold up in review?

Head over here for our written review of the game, replete with that all important score*.

*Please remember that scores should be taken in the context of the hundreds of words that precede them.

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  1. Great review and nice video Tef. I loved the original, the dodgy plot and awful fighting were very much forgiven thanks to the excellent platforming. I enjoyed the beta for Catylist but I’m not sure about this grappling hook, it seems a bit lazy to me, a way of avoiding doing a bit more work to fill awkward gaps with some obstacles. I’ll definitely get this at some point, it’s very pretty and the free running is solid, but it doesn’t sound like enough of a standout game to be bumped to the top of the list.

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