Dead Rising 4 Leaks Ahead Of E3

Some images for Dead Rising 4 from Capcom have appeared ahead of E3, one of  a poster and a couple of off-screen images. The screen seems to show original protagonist Frank West, and Kotaku have confirmed the game will be set in Willamette, Colorado, the location of the original game, so may be a reboot or remake.

A NeoGaf user also tweeted “Dead Rising 4 is a remake of DR1 during Christmas time. 4 player coop. Not only the mall but also the surroundings probably.”



PlayStation Lifestyle have also had the game confirmed via a separate source, and also say that like Dead Rising 3, the game will be exclusive to Xbox One and PC.

Source: KotakuThisGenGaming / PSL / Twitter

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  1. So they are handling a remake like a totally new game in the franchise. I guess that’s why they can afford to keep it exclusive for PC and Xbox One.

    • Well to be fair Capcom don’t seem to make anything (aside from resident evil) without a bag of cash from Sony or Microsoft.

      • To be fair, they have erm…


        Not Resident Evil but Resident Evil’s overweight cousin!

        Yeah, i may have been unable to think of any big franchises that Capcom did recently.

      • Ha ha, they’ve certainly reduced the amount of games they release. Their financial situation has been pretty bad the last few years though.

  2. Was cautiously optimistic for a brief second there. Then I read the subheading.


  3. Will this be exclusive to xbone for a limited time like tomb raider or entirely to xbone. Capcom can catch a fresh eating bug that brings half arsed completed games and remade games back from the dead.

    • Probably pc & xbox like DR3 was, and SF5 was on pc & ps4 only.

      • Meh, I know which i would rather have (hint: it isn’t SFV)!

  4. It’s finallly really happened.

    They finally really did it! The manics! They turned remakes into sequels! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

    Or DR4 being a remake and a sequel is confusing and i had to spice up my comment a bit.

    But yeah, Dead Rising seems to just…..

    be there. Doing it’s thing.

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