XCOM 2 Occupies Consoles On September 9th

It always seemed a bit stupid, after the wide reaching popularity of Enemy Unknown, that XCOM 2 was a PC exclusive. Thankfully, 2K have heard you all muttering under your breath and partnered with The Workshop to bring the very well received turn-based strategy game to console.


XCOM 2 is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th in North America and September 9th internationally, with a RRP of £39.99.

Those who pre-order will receive the Resistance Warrior Pack, which adds more customisation items for your soldiers, as well as the “Survivor of the Old War” recruit. There’s also an XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, which will include all paid XCOM 2 DLC content. Presumably this will all be available to buy separately at launch, having already been released for PC.

To see how good the game is, check out our written review and accompanying video review of the game from its launch on PC last year.

Source: press release

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  1. Nice, was hoping for this. Xcom is easily one of my favourites from the last few years.

  2. The news I’ve been waiting for. So unbelievably happy!!!!

    Which in hindsight is odd since I really didn’t get far in either the first XCOM or the Vita version.


  4. Been playing xcom enemy within this week on Ps3 and while the graphics are dodgy in places, the control scheme they put in place was marvellous. Cannot wait for this.

  5. Damnit! I was hoping they would have included PS3 but twas a long shot. Loved the original XCOM:EW. Kinda surprising that they have ported it over to the consoles but then again, i don’t recall them ever denying or writing off the possibility of it happening. Do wonder how will mods will happen.

  6. Day. One. Purchase.

  7. Glad they relented. This is brilliant news.

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